A Digital Agency Imagined Differently

37 Degree Media is a fair chance web development agency created on the idea that everyone, regardless of their background, should be considered for a role they are qualified for, including those formerly incarcerated.

Our focus is on criminal justice reform-based organizations that work to end mass incarceration. If you are part of the Justice-involved community of state administrators, program directors, people with lived experience, advocates, researchers, program developers, and experts in reentry, incarceration, and juvenile justice please consider 37 Degree Media for your next project with web development needs:

  • Mass Incarceration reform conferences and events.
  • Justice-involved Nonprofits
  • Probation Departments
  • Attorneys

“The individual stands in opposition to society, but he is nourished by it. And it is far less important to know what differentiates him than what nourishes him. Like the genius, the individual is valuable for what there is within him. Every psychological life is an exchange, and the fundamental problem of the living individual is knowing upon what he intends to feed.”       Andre’ Malraux

Values That Guide Us


Think big

Return citizens come with different perspectives, new ways of looking at challenges which leads to creativity and innovation. We believe this will give us a competitive advantage to offer quality digital solutions



Studies have shown that those with the lived experience are often eager, driven, loyal with an extreme capacity to be productive employees.  One study found that return citizens have a *13% lower turnover rate than other employees. 



The social business model we've chosen is built on the goal of contributing  to government, private sector and nonprofit justice reform and reentry efforts across the country. We’re trusting that operating culture will be a great foundation for understanding customers and ultimately reaching stronger business outcomes.


Technical sophistication

Our developers are ambitious, driven and have a high level of technical sophistication to provides top-quality software solutions.

Potential customers judge whether or not they trust your business from the moment they land on your site. 37 Degree Media’s website development and design services give visitors the right impression of your brand without sacrificing performance, speed, or results.
Our skills cover a wide range of technologies providing frontend, backend, and database development while also managing search engine optimization, API integration, and continued maintenance of content management systems.

We also create digital marketing solutions for our clients that go beyond web design. 

Our Ready For Primetime Players

Brett Buskirk

Full Stack Web Developer

Jon Jeter

Founder, Strategist, Design

Vah Squires

Word Press Developer

Camille Geeter

Marketing Consultant

William Murphey

Technical Consultant

See Our Projects
We met Jon through The Last Mile at San Quentin, and we were really excited to see him develop his vision of a company that prioritized the employment of designers and developers post incarceration. We worked with Jon and his team to create a complicated National Science Foundation-funded STEM Opportunities in Prison Settings (STEM-OPS) project website. Jon was responsive and receptive to our ideas and revisions, and the 37DM team also gave alternative ideas that could work better to accommodate our goals.
Eden Badertscher
Principal research scientist at EDC
Our philosophy: Partners, not Clients

Let’s get creative

We’re a unique kind of digital agency. Our engineers are capable developers committed to providing top-quality service.  The high level of technical sophistication was achieved by virtue of extensive training through The Last Mile Program inside San Quentin.

Partnering with us enhances your brand’s social currency and helps satisfy your social responsibility mission.

·      As an outsource option you help keep jobs in the US

·      Reduce recidivism and save taxes

·      Increase taxes and Improve public safety

·      Help strengthen communities

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Vah Saechao is a graduate of The Last Mile entrepreneurship program and an experienced Full Stack Software Developer. His background is in Javascript, NodeJS with Express, React, mongoDB, and HTML & CSS and WordPress. All of his software skills were learned in San Quentin State Prison.

Vah is passionate about sciences like Physics and Statistics. During his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities like going to the beach for a breath of fresh air. He has a passion for teaching and sharing code based knowledge to young people who lacked fair education.

Brett was incarcerated at the age of eighteen, and spent the next twenty four years in prison. While inside, Brett decided to educate himself as thoroughly as possible. He attended college where he received a Bachelor’s Degree, while simultaneously teaching himself higher order mathematics and theoretical physics. Brett had a yearning for understanding how reality works, and the heavy studies were a perfect escape from the drudgery of prison life.

Over the years, Brett taught others mathematics so they could get their GEDs while in prison. He also joined a STEM club that a friend of his started in order to help educate those who wanted to learn about the sciences. Surprisingly, they had a pretty sizable group every week. In addition to these activities, Brett attended The Last Mile (TLM) coding program to learn how to be a web developer. Upon my release, he immediately began working at TLM as a developer, and now works in remote instructions where he teaches incarcerated people how to code

Tulio is a founding graduate of The Last Mile Entrepreneurship Program. He previously managed TLM Works, the first-ever web development shop staffed by incarcerated web developers working for “outside” companies. After serving seven years in San Quentin State Prison, Tulio has successfully transitioned into a technology career in San Francisco, CA. He works with The Last Mile to support the student and staff’s experience as it relates to technology across TLM’s learning services, proprietary network, and physical device infrastructure spanning three time zones.

Tulio has also worked as a business analyst for technology accelerator, KickLabs, mastered WordPress as an independent contractor, lead engineering and development at Launch Podium (a tech startup in San Francisco), and has taught Web Design and Coding through Five Keys Charter School, to residents of the San Francisco County Jail and the San Francisco Adult Probation Department.

Camille is a 37 Degree Media marketing consultant. After graduating from the University of Washington, she entered into the corporate world of publishing.

Camille is an ambitious creative who specializes in project management, client management, social media marketing, copywriting, and event management.  Over the last five years Camille has ambitiously climbed her way up the ranks, eventually landing her current role which involves managing top client accounts for Chronicle Books. Camille’s strengths lie in her ability to connect with others, communicate effectively, anticipate her client’s needs, adapt to change, drive teams and projects, and stay cool under pressure.

In her spare time, she is either outdoors or doing something creative. Camille loves painting; playing guitar; sports; hiking; reading, and spending time at her favorite spot – the beach.  
She’s an avid stage performer and storyteller with 20 years of experience, including getting rave reviews and earning SAG points for her performance in “Hairspray” at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre. Her latest performance was in the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company’s acclaimed musical, “I, Too, Sing America”.

Bill (Murph) is a 37 Degree Media consultant. He is currently a software engineer for a large San Francisco bay area tech company. He works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MERN technologies. Consistent with a strong believe in continuous personal and professional development his current weekend project is using HTML5 Canvas to build a JavaScript version of the classic arcade game Space Invaders complete with a database.

He has a passion for criminal justice reform and bringing code to those who may not be fortunate enough to have received a formal education and training. He is a strong advocate for the employment and promotion of the formerly incarcerated, women and people of color in all segments of society but especially in the technology sector.

Bill is a graduate of The Last Mile Training Program and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University at Fresno.

Jon is a 37 Degree Media-Founding member. Jon started his career in the PR department with the Golden State Warriors. He later worked in advertising for Oakland Tribune, KNBR radio and publishing his own direct mail magazine.

Life changed for Jon when a friend invited him to volunteer at a NetDay event, a public, private and community collaboration to wire public schools. The excitement of the digital divide movement led him into community nonprofit work around technology, youth and education. That opportunity exposed him to tech vocational training at local juvenile detention centers and to satisfy probation requirements for individuals. This experience and the people he met sparked an interest in mass incarceration and a passion for re-entry practices that impact lives and communities.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in advertising & marketing from San Jose State University. Jon is an avid golfer, trekkie, music/movie buff, amateur photographer and chef, proud dad, big Crimson Tide fan and Big Sur is his sanctuary.